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The Beltline

The Beltline

The Beautiful Atlanta Beltline

The Atlanta BeltLine is a transformative urban redevelopment project that has captured the imagination of residents and visitors alike in Atlanta, Georgia. This ambitious initiative, conceived in 2005, aims to repurpose a 22-mile historic railroad corridor that encircles the city's core into a multi-purpose, sustainable network of parks, trails, and transit. It is a shining example of urban revitalization, integrating green spaces, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and transit options that foster connectivity, economic growth, and community development throughout Atlanta.

One of the key components of the Atlanta BeltLine is its focus on greenspace and park development. The project seeks to create an extensive system of parks and greenways that enhance the city's quality of life. These green spaces not only provide recreational opportunities but also promote healthier lifestyles and contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the BeltLine's network of trails and transit options encourages non-motorized transportation, reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the city.

Moreover, the Atlanta BeltLine serves as a catalyst for economic development and housing. The revitalization of former industrial areas along the BeltLine has led to the creation of mixed-use developments, attracting businesses, restaurants, and residential communities. This has spurred economic growth, increased property values, and generated jobs, all while maintaining a focus on affordable housing to address the challenges of urban gentrification. The Atlanta BeltLine is not just a project but a vision for a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant city that continues to shape Atlanta's future.

Our Glenwood community is located just two blocks away from the Segment 6 entrance to the Southside Trail of the BeltLine. Our residents have quick and easy access to explore everything the Atlanta BeltLine has to offer!

people riding scooters on a path in a park at Glenwood at Grant Park Apartments, Georgia, 30316

Enhance Mobility


a group of women holding yoga mats in a park at Glenwood at Grant Park Apartments, Atlanta, GA, 30316

Foster Culture


a woman laughing while standing at a table with a laptop at Glenwood at Grant Park Apartments, Atlanta, GA

Equal Economic Access

Do Business

people walking and biking down a path with dogs at Glenwood at Grant Park Apartments, Georgia
a mural on the side of a building with a fence at Glenwood at Grant Park Apartments, Atlanta, Georgia

Explore what the Atlanta Beltline has to offer

As one of the largest urban redevelopment programs in the country, there are so many places to explore. A 22-mile loop of multipurpose trail is waiting for you to explore!

Art on the Beltline

The Atlanta BeltLine transforms into an open-air gallery, showcasing a stunning array of public art that captivates and inspires. Murals, sculptures, and installations by local and international artists adorn the BeltLine, turning it into a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic landscape. Each step along the trail reveals a new visual delight, from vibrant street art that reflects the city's spirit to thought-provoking sculptures that invite contemplation. The art on the Atlanta BeltLine not only adds aesthetic charm but also fosters a sense of cultural vibrancy, turning a stroll or bike ride into a multifaceted and enriching experience.

Fitness on the Beltline

On the Atlanta BeltLine, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse range of classes set against the city's urban backdrop. From serene yoga sessions to high-energy dance classes and dynamic bootcamps, there's something for everyone. Cyclists can join group rides, fostering both fitness and a sense of community. These classes turn the BeltLine into a vibrant hub where health and social connections seamlessly come together.